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At a time of economic uncertainty, do you just slash the advertising budgets, make redundancies, reduce your prices, downsize your business...or even take no action and hope all will be OK?

So what if you could reduce your operating costs while improving your business performance?

What if there was just one area of improvement in your business that could be worth 10's of £1,000's?

So let’s show you just 50 of the ways in which GetIntoDigital.Com is helping businesses just like yours to improve their business performance! Lets start with some observations or questions you may be asking yourself:

  1. If only I could increase the volume of new business enquiries!
  2. How can I reach more customers in my geographical target market?
  3. If only I could expand my geographic market place without incurring extra cost?
  4. What if I could reach a whole new target audience?
  5. How can I get my existing customers to spend more money, more often?
  6. If only there was a way to increase my average sale value.
  7. Or perhaps increase profit margin by reducing sales process costs!
  8. Or maybe reduce overall operational cost without compromising sales.
  9. If only there were more cost effective ways to sell to my customers.
  10. I wish we could afford a digital marketing expert in our team.
  11. I wish our marketing material worked harder for our business!
  12. Or that we could afford more effective professional marketing material.
  13. Our brochure is always out of date with price, product or seasonal changes.
  14. What if I could get someone else to cover our production costs?
  15. I wish we could deliver our content proactively and more cost effectively.
  16. If only I knew who had visited our website and was interested in our services.
  17. If less than 1% of website visitors contact me, who are the other 99%?
  18. How can I improve the overall levels of traffic to my website?
  19. And actually create more enquiries direct from the website.
  20. If only we could send our website out to prospective customers!
  21. If only I knew who needed my products before they decided to buy?
  22. Or if I could sell to them instead of waiting for them to buy from me!
  23. Customers make buying decisions 168 hrs a week but I am only open 50 hrs!
  24. What do my prospects do when my business is closed?
  25. How can I ensure they remember to contact me?
  26. How can I prevent them from buying from my competitors?
  27. How can I handle my inbound sales enquiries more effectively?
  28. If only I knew more about my customers lifestyle and needs?
  29. Or I had a permission based database waiting to hear from me!
  30. What if I could develop an effective business referral strategy?
  31. What content do I put in or leave out of my adverts?
  32. How much does my advertising space cost?
  33. I wish I could get 3rd parties to cover the cost of our advertising and marketing.
  34. If only I could increase our advertising response rates!
  35. I wish I could compete with my competitors advertising and marketing budget!
  36. If only I knew that my advertising spend was actually justifiable?
  37. I wish I knew who had reviewed my adverts this week?
  38. If only I knew who had actually read our directory, local press or other adverts!
  39. Who doesn't bother ringing me in the evening because they think I am closed?
  40. If I spend £1000 on advertising, what income does it generate for me?
  41. I wish I could speed up the sales process from enquiry to conversion.
  42. What type of marketing material do I supply if someone asks for further details.
  43. The production cost of my marketing material is too expensive!
  44. Which potential customers drove past my premises this week?
  45. Which potential customers have looked at my website this week?
  46. Who has actually walked in and made a purchase during the week?
  47. Which existing customers may be ready to buy again?
  48. I wish all my returns on investment were measurable!
  49. How do I develop or improve my outbound email marketing performance?
  50. If only I could make the phone ring more often!

The good news is that we help businesses with these points...and many, many more!

Most business owners are too busy on their business treadmill and do not have the time, expertise or financials to review and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. As outsourced Digital Marketing Consultants we specialise in working with business owners and understanding their business objectives before recommending a digital marketing strategy that helps them to make more money and save more money while improving business performance.

Isn’t it time you entered the Digital Marketing era?

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