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LeadsByText is our flagship integrated product using all our digital solutions to facilitate multiple variations on the theme. Below are details of just some of our ByText brands. If you have a specific product or service and are looking for a creative route to market, come and talk to us! You will have ideas on what you are trying to achieve, and our digital marketing consultants have ideas on how to achieve it!

All the following brands enable 24x7 automated distribution of content to your prospect whereby the process is initiated by the sending of a text message…and you instantly capture the prospects mobile phone number, email address and buying criteria for follow up sales activities within the opt-in guidelines of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Legislation.


AccountsByText™ enables prospective new customers or members to send a text and instantly receive an application form by email on an automated 24x7x365 basis.


Want to know the mobile number of everyone who downloads your App? Until now people could download your App from an App Store but you had no idea who! Now you can advertise your App with a text call-to-action that means you capture opt-in mobile phone numbers and email address for follow-up sales opportunities.


Whether a free newsletter, subscription periodical, product manual or a published book title, BooksByText™ enables a digital version of any publication to be ordered by text and delivered by email.


BrochuresByText™ enables anyone to order a digital version of your company brochure, catalogue, magazine or any other paper marketing material ByText whereby your publication is instantly delivered to the users PC and their contact details are instantly delivered to the clients PC.Send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


BuyByText™ enables anyone to purchase your goods or services direct through their mobile phone using the latest secure eWallet technology. Prospective customers interested in your product simply text your keyword in response to your advertising or marketing campaign and receive a secure mobile weblink that enables them to complete their purchase by credit or debit card!


CarsByText™ is a sales lead generation programme that enables the UK motor industry to capture prospective car buyers contact details and their vehicles requirements 24x7x365. CarsByText enables the motor industry to effectively drive new business enquiries and reducing advertising expenses. For further details, please visitwww.carsbytext.comor send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


DataByText™ is a data capture programme that enables you to collect customer data and buying criteria where the process is initiated through the end user sending a text in response to your marketing activity.


DiscoverByText™ enables the tourist, visitor or consumer to send a text to find out more about a destination, location, event or attraction and have the details instantly delivered into their PC inbox. For further details, please send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


DonateByText™ enables anyone to make a donation to your charity by debit or credit card in response to your fund raising campaign. Unlike premium rate text solutions, your potential donors can chose to donate from £1 to £10000 as a one of or repeating donation direct from your marketing through your Charity eWallet!


ExhibitByText™ enables Exhibition Organisers to provide a 24x7 sales lead generation programme for exhibitors before, during and after an event or exhibition.


Deliver any type of form direct into your target audiences PC and enable them to instantly submit their content and return the form the form back to you direct from their desktop.


HomesByText™ enables builders, developers, estate and letting agents to capture home buyer and tenant property criteria while delivering property details direct to the end users PC. For further details, please send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


Enable prospective customers to send a text to instantly receive an insurance brochure and application form in their PC and with customer contact details captured whether or not an application is completed. For further details, please visitwww.insurebytext.comor send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


JobsByText™ is a great new text programme for employers and recruitment consultants that enables any applicant to send a text to apply for a job or register themselves on a recruitment database. For further details, please send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


JoinByText™ is ideal for any organisation with a customer or membership database. The end user sends a text to instantly receive a membership form with or without a subscription process and is able to complete an application 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Our basic LeadsByText programme is the ideal entry level programme for any business in any market sector! Simply include your keyword in your adverts and you are open 24x7 for new business enquiries with delivery of the prospects mobile number direct to your email inbox.


LoansByText™ enables UK consumers make an impulse loan application in confidence without even speaking to anyone by sending a text and completing the form delivered into their PC. For further details, please send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


MenusByText™ is a database building and re-marketing tool for the hotel and restaurant industry that enables eaterie owners to manage their surplus capacity and ensure maximum bookings levels at all times. If 50% of your turnover is bookings and 50% walk-in, what happens to your turnover in adverse weather conditions?


MortgagesByText™ enables UK lenders to receive and process mortgage applications 24x7 with the borrowers details instantly delivered into the lenders PC for further process procedures. For further details, please send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


NewspapersByText™ enables the consumer to order a daily or weekly, free or subscription based, digital newspapers by text and have it instantly delivered by email. Newspaper publishers are able to benefit from increased distribution whilst building an intelligent readership database for additional marketing activities.


Enable prospective customers to impulsively order your product details direct into their PC from off-the-page and on-air advertising activities and make an instant on-line purchase. OrderByText™ is perfect for clients with any product to sell, from a single one-off product through to an entire mail order catalogue.


Appropriate for any business offering a free quote service whereby the end user texts to receive a quotation form. From insurance to double glazing, from carpets to landscaping, QuotesByText™ captures prospects details and delivers hot qualified sales leads to clients.


RadioByText™ is a data capture tool enabling broadcasters to increase their listener figures and build an opt-in database for remarketing and special offer purposes. At the same time the radio station can place an icon on their listeners PC desktop encouraging listeners to tune in when browsing the internet or at work.


RecipesByText™ enables chefs, recipe providers and food producers to build a remarketable opt-in database of consumers interested in their products. If you have recipes published or sell food produce in a retail environment, then who reads your recipes, who buys your produce? With RecipesByText you can find out who your customers are, build customer loyalty and drive additional sales.


A 24x7 lead generation programme enabling your company to be open for new business enquiries 168 hours a week with instant delivery of you marketing material into the prospects PC.


Find out who buys your products, and why, by offering free product samples and promotions whereby customers send a text which delivers product details and data capture form to the PC. For further details, please send yourself a demonstration text by following the instructionsin the table below.


Regardless of which sport, our SeasonTicketsByText™ product enables any sports club or association to drive new and renewal one-off or season ticket enquiries, plus distrubute their digital transaction merchandise catolgue.

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BooksByText (UK)Just text: Wow Booksandyour email addressto 61211
BrochuresByText (UK)Just text: Wow Brochuresandyour email addressto 61211
CarsByText (UK)Just text: Wow Carsandyour email addressto 61211
CataloguesByText (UK)Just text: Wow Cataloguesandyour email addressto 61211
DiscoverByText (UK)Just text: Wow Discoverandyour email addressto 61211
ExhibitByText (UK)Just text: Wow Exhibitandyour email addressto 61211
HomesByText (UK)Just text: Wow Homesandyour email addressto 61211
InsureByText (UK)Just text: Wow Insureandyour email addressto 61211
JobsByText (UK)Just text: Wow Jobsandyour email addressto 61211
LoansByText (UK)Just text: Wow Loansandyour email addressto 61211
NewspapersByText (UK)Just text: Wow Newspapersandyour email addressto 61211
SamplesByText (UK)Just text: Wow Samplesandyour email addressto 61211

LeadsByText Keyword Guide

LeadsByText keywords are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum formats.

  • Bronze keywordprogramme enables clients to use an exclusive sub-keyword as an extension to an existing primary keyword. Existing primary keywords include: about, discover, find, info, visit and wow, The primary keyword is then followed with the clients preferred sub-keyword. i.e. Visit Suffolk (Suffolk Tourism Authority)
  • Silver keywordprogramme includes a non-premium keyword which would not be in demand by other businesses. An example of a non-premium keyword is: Clinicdiary (Factotum Ltd – Diary handling for Clinics)
  • Gold keywordis one where the required word is a name, trade, brand, location, hobby, subject, equipment or any other commonly recognised noun. An example of a Gold keyword is: Suffolk (Suffolk Small Business Assoc)
  • Platinum keywordis one where the required word is a high demand exclusive name, trade, brand, location, hobby, subject, equipment or any other commonly recognised noun. An example of a Gold keyword is: BMW

LeadsByText package prices are based on Bronze and Silver Keywords with Gold and Platinum keyword pricing based on a price on application basis. Additional programmes may be purchased at a 50% discounted rate. All keywords must be checked for availability and pricing clarification

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