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Leads by Text

We've got a range of solutions to help you build a list of email addresses and mobile numbers, now we can help you market to them. The next step in your digital marketing strategy is to harvest sales from your prospect and customer database.

Whether you already have data, are looking to capture or purchase data, we can help you build your database then market to it on an outsourced basis or provide you with the tools to run your own professional email and text marketing campaigns.


Digital Emails

What can I do with DigitalEmails?

  • Turn your data into hot qualified sales leads!
  • Create and send emails, newsletters, flyers and more
  • Track and analyse the results of your campaigns


Why should I use DigitalEmails?

  • A simple and affordable pricing structure - we don't charge per email sent
  • It is easy to use and requires absolutely no programming or technical skills
  • Very user friendly intuitive help guide plus phone and email support


What does it do for me?

  • Enhance your image and increase effectiveness with professional looking emails
  • Enables cost effectively target marketing and broadcasting to any number of recipients
  • Keeps you legal and your data safe while giving you new routes to market

The DigitalTexts Broadcasting Platform makes it easy to reach your customers wherever they are and whenever you want to by sending multiple text messages.

Through you own secure portal you can create an appropriate marketing text message at your PC deciding what special offers to promote, when to send them and how many to send. DigitalTexts enables any business to maximise customer interactivity while also driving new business in the those quite times such as off-peak periods, weather effected sales, out-of-season sales, or any other events that may be relevant to their business trends.


Digital Texts

Normally only available to large organisations, DigitalTexts and LeadsByText also offers automated SMS triggered actions based on the content of incoming messages, for example sending back responses or adding an email address to a list, even distributing a whole range of content including data capture forms and digital brochures.



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