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  • Are you a Business Adviser or Consultant looking for referral fees by extending your offering to your clients?
  • Are you a business or organisation with an existing customer base looking for an additional passive income stream?
  • Are you an existing customer interested in a referral income by introducing CJV to your contacts?
  • Are you an organisation with a membership database looking for a digital members benefit programme?

In summary, in addition to our Business Partners purchasing the core 6 solutions at a heavily discounted rate for use within their own business, we will also supply you with a co-branded Digital Marketing website like below. This will enable you to introduce the benefits of your contacts implementing their own digital sales lead generation and communication strategy. All your introductions will then be tracked back to you as the introducing source so that we may pay you the introducer commissions. All you need to do is share your co-branded site with your contacts and we will do the rest!

See a sample partner website at:

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